You might not be able to do a lot right now, but you can buy tickets for something pretty amazing in 2021, Immersive Van Gogh Chicago. 

Gone are the days that we just decide to do something a whim. Nope, now you have to make sure you have a thing of hand sanitizer in your purse, a bonus tube in your car, a mask that matches your outfit but also stays in place on your ears... and that's just to go to the grocery store.

Maybe someday things will be different. Maybe not, but we do know that in 2021, you will be able to grab all that stuff and head to Chicago and escape reality for an hour at the Immersive Van Gogh Chicago Experience. 

I mean c'mon, that's a dream right there.

A chance to basically be inside a piece of art, with music allowing you to literally escape whatever is causing you stress. Plus there's a chance to lay down on a pillow in a (socially distant) circle and experience it all, too?

Sign me up. Or rather, purchase me a ticket!

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