Mickey Mouse is turning 90 and what better way to celebrate his special day than with America's favorite cookie.

Oreos. Of course!

I know lately we've seen all kinds of flavors of Oreos on the shelf, but this time, this Oreo is really special.

WGN shares that Oreo is helping to celebrate America's favorite mouse with a limited edition cookie made just for the cartoon creation.

September 24th, Oreo will release nationwide the birthday cake flavored cookie that will come imprinted with different designs in the chocolate cookies to mark the mile marker birthday for Mickey.

The cookie designs "include a party horn, a big 90, and Mickey Mouse himself."

The cookies will be available for a limited time so look for this package when shopping and stock up.  It appears that once their gone... their gone.

Oreo via Amazon.com
Oreo via Amazon.com

How fun. To be honest, those sound yummy .

Typically, when it comes to Oreos, I only eat the cookie and peel out the creme.

In this case I would eat the creme filling with the cookie. I love birthday cake. I mean who doesn't?

Oh and by the way Happy Birthday Mickey! 90 looks good on you!



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