Forget two triangles and a crooked smile. This year step up your skills with tips from John Reckner, founder of Passion for Pumpkins

John is the mastermind behind the 5,000-plus multimedia pumpkin displays at Rhode Island's Roger Williams Park Zoo Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular.

As shared by the Huff Post; The 4 Ways to Improve Your Pumpkin Carving Game 

1. Pick the right size


AllenSphoto, Thinkstock[/caption]Bigger pumpkins just have a presence. Look for varieties like Prizewinners, which have a reddish hue, and Big Max, which give off a more impressive glow.

2. It's all about the preparation


Better Homes & Gardens via YouTube[/caption]Use a kitchen spoon to scoop out pulp and seeds. Scraping the shell will help the pumpkin last longer and let more light shine through.

3. Keep it simple

John Reckner says, "you don't need fancy tools to carve something special: Reckner's standby is a plain old paring knife."

4. Make it last


Ivan Bliznetsov, Thinkstock[/caption]To give your pumpkin a longer life, spray it with a diluted bleach solution or place it near a fan to prevent decay and keep pesky bugs away.

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