If Rockford still had an Airfest, it would be this weekend, which means it's time to reminisce.

Oh Rockford Airfest, how we miss you so.

Seriously though, one of my favorite things about the almost five years I've spent in Rockford has been the Rockford Airfest.

It was such a great family friendly event here in Rockford, despite the long haul to the parking lot.

Ok, so we don't miss the traffic that occurred every year at the Rockford Airfest, but we do miss these five things.

The Blue Angels

Every other year, the Blue Angels made a stop at the Rockford Airfest, which was just such a magical show. It's amazing how they manage to fly with such ease.


The Golden Knights

Another great Airfest act, the Golden Knights. The Knights jump out of a plane as the plane flies higher and higher leaving colorful smoke flying in the sky behind them.


The Awesome View

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

When I was younger, my family always went to the Chicago Air and Water Show and I hated it. Not because I hated the planes or the water acrobatics, but because seeing the show in Chicago is difficult. The planes fly by so quickly and the show is incredibly spread out. In Rockford, though, the show took place in one area at the Rockford Airport and the view of the show was ten millions times better than Chicago.


The Kids Activities

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

You wanted to go to Airfest but your kids weren't interested in sitting waiting for the next plane? That was ok! Between bounce houses and getting a tour of the UPS plane, there were plenty of activities for your kids to do while you were enjoying the planes.


The Best Tan You'll Get All Summer

If Airfest ever comes back to Rockford, wear your sunscreen because those are some strong rays bouncing off the Rockford Airport blacktop. Which, if you play your cards correctly, could result in an early summer tan. Or, if you forgot your sunscreen, an epic burn.

Come back to us, Airfest!

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