The Cubs winning the world series in 2016 is definitely one for the history books, and it's got people doing things they never thought they would do.

A group of 8 friends at Swedish American Hospital made a pact 3 years ago that if the Cubs ever won the World Series, they would get matching tattoos. Now when they made this pact, they did it thinking that they would never have to go through with it. Really? That's how much faith you had in your team? Just kidding, I'm sure you were not alone.

The curse of the billy goat was somehow broken this year though, and a pact was kept. Six out of the eight friends kept their promise and went to Odds and Ends Tattoos and got themselves inked, according to

For some of them it was their first tattoo. Although nerves were running high, all 6 of the friends that went to the tattoo shop ended up leaving with their fresh ink and a lifetime memory. They kept the experience fun, and all encouraged each other throughout the process. What a cool thing to be able to do to celebrate the Cubs first World Series win in 108 years, and also an amazing friendship.

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