Is there anything Antony Rizzo can't do?

The list of things Rizzo has accomplished in such a short time on a baseball diamond is nothing short of amazing. None more incredible of course, than being an integral part of a team that ended a 108 year World Series drought.

Now that the Cubs dream season has ended, Rizzo has free time for other things. Like playing the piano, where in this Instagram video, Rizzo plays a pretty good version of Coldplay's "The Scientist."

Is there anything this guy can't do? Seriously, he an all-around gifted athlete who not only can play baseball but do some serious jamming out on the piano. Obviously, hard work is the biggest reason he's so successful. Rizzo and his performance on the field and, I guess piano, can only be attributed to time spent perfecting his craft.

In case you're wondering, the guy playing the drums is Rizzo's dad, John. Maybe Rizzo and his dad can start a band. After he retires of course, which most Cubs fans hope doesn't happen for a real long time..

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