When you go to the fair you can expect a wide range of interesting food choices but this one has us losing it.

The Wisconsin State Fair kicks off Thursday, August 3 and runs through Sunday, August 13.

Those 10 days might give you enough time to try all 70 of the new foods the fair is debuting this year.

The list is so gigantic we don't even know where to start. Bacon Ravioli anyone? How about Apple Pie Nachos?

I have no idea what the Fat Elvis Shake Shake Shake is but I need to try it, try it, try it.

There is one thing on the list though that was a true eye opener. When there's dead silence, most people will say they can hear "crickets."

When we found out there was a food that is debuting at the fair named Cricket Nachos, the office was anything but silent.

According to the Wisconsin State Fair website, "Cricket nachos have all the flavor of regular nachos but are high in protein and gluten free! Crickets are a sustainable protein that requires less water to grow, providing an eco-friendly way of eating. Be proud to say, “I Eat Bugs!'"

Knowing you're eating a "sustainable protein" does that make it any better?

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