While Chicago won't be represented in this year's Super Bowl, Bears fans can at least rest easy knowing they had the best team to ever play in the big game.

Well, at least MSN thinks the Bears were the best.

They ranked all 52 Super Bowl winning NFL teams from worst to best and you know what, the 1985 Chicago Bears ranked at the top.

MSN said "No NFL team was as dominant or as feared as the 1985 Bears" and they "are the best team of all-time."

Makes sense when you figure the Bears outscored all three playoff opponents by a combined score of 91-10.

High praise when you consider some of the great NFL teams to have won a Super Bowl and the Monsters of the Midway are the best of the best.

It kind of makes the other 51 years the Bears have been absent from the Super Bowl almost OK. Almost.

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