Not getting enough sleep might be more of a problem then you think.

Last night I only slept for six hours. It wasn't intentional, I kept meaning to leave where I was and go to bed, but it just didn't happen. So today, I'm a little sleep deprived.

Which got me thinking, what happens when we are all sleeping? Apparently, a lot.

According to Cosmo, there are 9 things that happen when we sleep that we probably don't notice.

  1. When you're falling asleep, you always jerk.
  2. Your body temperature goes way down.
  3. Your body does a full toxin cleanse.
  4. You forget all the useless info you're storing.
  5. Your body is paralyzed but your brain is most active.
  6. All of your cells are being repaired.
  7. Your immune system is at an all-time high.
  8. You wake up between 5 and 15 times an hour.
  9. 30% of people stop breathing at night.