Lowell Wagner is a WWII veteran who has A LOT to celebrate. Let's start with the fact that Wagner is 95 years old.  That's amazing on it's own, but it doesn't stop there. Wagner got a big birthday surprise for his 95th.

Wagner was honored as the 2018 veteran of the year by the Boone County Veterans Assistance Commission. WIFR details -

Wagner was a third-class machinist in the U.S. Navy for eight years. He served in World II from Oct. 3, 1944 to April 7, 1946.

Wagner had a ton of family there to support him and his achievements. Wagner said -

I'm astounded, I really am. I'm tickled to death about this celebration. I feel grateful for all this. That's all there is, that's all I can have to say.

On top of everything, Wagner will be celebrating his 39th wedding anniversary today.

Congratulations to Lowell Wagner on an amazing life full of accomplishments.

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