To be completely honest, I didn't realize how close to 'the end' I really was. This challenge looks easy. It's not. Especially if you're a guy.

I have the best morning show producer in the world, but not when it comes to challenge research. Steve Shannon Show producer, MJ, pulled us all together to try the latest internet challenge, The Chair Challenge. She had most of the visual part handled, what we needed and what it should look like (sort of).

The challenge was being broadcast on Facebook Live and that turned out to be a big help, for everyone but me. Facebook viewers were telling us what we needed to change to do the Chair Challenge properly. We'll refer to this period as, 'the beginning of the end.'

I'm so grateful I'm still here to tell the story of The Chair Challenge. BE CAREFUL. The more you struggle to stand up, the less likely.y it is ever going to happen.

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