Just because we've lived through many extremely cold and snowy winters, doesn't mean we like it. Get ready for the winter of 2020.

It's hard to believe just how long the Farmers' Almanac has been forecasting the weather. For almost two centuries, the almanac has predicted our weather with the most ridiculous accuracy. Here's what they have to say about the good 'ol Midwest, specifically the Land of Lincoln, more specifically northern Illinois.

Will it be bitter cold?



Are we going to get buried under a ton of snow?


The answer is yes and yes. According to the Farmers' Almanac, the northern half of the United States is expected to be colder than average with more snow than usual in the Northern Plains, New England, and the Great Lakes regions.

Farmers' Almanac

There was another prediction from the almanac about snowfall in our region, that seemed oddly specific.


The Farmers' Almanac said much of the snowfall in northern Illinois will be 'flakey', which would mean we're in for some pretty wet, sloppy commutes.

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