At least I think it was a Rockford Art Deli shirt. Let me explain. I sat down for lunch today at my desk and fired up the latest video from Last Week Tonight. You know, a regular Monday afternoon.

This week's subject was evictions that may result from people not being able to pay rent due to the coronavirus. It's a good watch if you have about 18 minutes to spare.

What caught my eye though happened right at the beginning of the video. There's footage from a New York news station and right in the middle of it is a young woman wearing a t-shirt that says "Rockford AF."


Flashback to about 2 years ago when I was inside the Rockford Art Deli looking at some shirts. There was an older gentleman next to me looking at some stuff and that "Rockford AF" shirt was hanging on a rack. I pointed it out to my sister and we laughed, the man asked me what it meant. I sized him up as an adult that could handle it and told him. We all giggled and went on our way.

I just went back to the RAD website to look for it to put in this blog  post but couldn't find it.

Was I imagining this? Does anyone else remember that? I've been confused before so this wouldn't be a first.

Either way it's always nice to see Rockford on the national stage.

NOTE: If this woman is from Rockford, Michigan then please disregard this entire post.

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