Well, I think it's safe to say we are officially in the middle of your typical midwestern winter. Theres a foot of snow on the ground. The high temperatures are in the negatives. Your white car is black from the roads. It's definitely not the most wonderful time of the year. People avoid going outside at all costs, but especially driving.

Turns out this weather only attempts to keep humans off the road. Loves Park residents have been warned of wild turkeys on the road in the middle of traffic. Finally somebody got a video of the whole thing and it's amazing -

According to Mystateline -

There's been talk about of a car pecking turkey for days but now we have footage. The bird is seen staring at the jeep stopped at the intersection Forest Hills Road and East Riverside Boulevard in Loves Park.
The turkey then starts pecking the jeep, and that's not all.  When the driver tries to turn the fiesty foul chases it around the corner!

If you're in the area be safe and on the lookout. But more importantly please try and get more videos of this because it's making our day.

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