Aaron Rodgers has been single now for about a week or so, and it looks like he might be coupling up with a teammate's sister.

That's if you believe Terez Owens, who has a history of taking tips and turning them into facts.

According to Terez Owens, "Green Bay Packers MVP Aaron Rodgers’ friends are already pulling for him to get back in the dating pool. Rodgers has been propositioned the opportunity to go out with his teammate Clay Matthews sister, Jennifer Matthews."

This is what Jennifer Matthews looks like.

Jennifer Matthews is definitely a "Matthews." Meaning, you can tell she and Clay are related.

Matthews also shared a picture of her brother and Aaron Rodgers a little less than a year ago.

Does the above photo mean anything? Probably not, but if you believe the Terez Owens story it may have been the beginning of their "relationship."

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