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Well that was an interesting weather thingy, on Monday. October 19th. Snow.

So is it shovels and snow blowers this winter in Northern Illinois? Not so fast on that thinking...

According to PATCH the Old Farmer's Almanac for winter in Northern Illinois is saying "more wet than white." The most snow in our area, to fall early and mid-December...also a February into March snow fall. When it says "below normal snow fall" for Chicago, I think we are going to be ok.

Having a mild or even a wet winter, I think that would be alright. In a year where we are all bracing for the worst, maybe Mother Nature taking it easy on us for the winter travel would be a good thing. The Old Farmer's Almanac is saying a "warmer" winter across the country is planned as well.

Give us a white Christmas, some warmer winter temperatures. and something to not worry about.

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