Oh Aldi, we love you so much. We might love you even more now though. If you're a cheese lover like me then grab a napkin because you might start drooling. Aldi is releasing a new punny cheese line with the best names ever.

Delish details -

Launching February 6—just days ahead of the 61st Annual Grammy Awards—Aldi announced the news of their Happy Farms limited release, and it looks so, so good. Each of the six products are priced at $3.49 and are appropriately named after hit '80s songs. So, if you need an awards show snack, this is it! The variety includes, Wake Me Up Before You Goat Goat, Sweet Cheddar of Mine, Girls Just Wanna Have Fontina, Pour Some Gouda on Me, and Total Eclipse of the Havarti. Personally, I think the names alone are worth the purchase. I'll take all of the above.

Check them out in all of their punny glory -

Credit Aldi Via Delish
Credit Aldi Via Delish

If you aren't a crazy cheese fan like myself, you can at least appreciate the creative names they gave the cheeses. I will definitely be purchasing some of these, for the laughs and the snacks. This new cheese line is nothing short of legen-DAIRY. Get it? Well, I tried. Cheers to cheese.

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