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UPDATE: On the Belvidere schools placed on lock down this afternoon.

WTVO reports that the Belvidere Police Department has lifted the lock down for all school placed on lock down.

"Belvidere Police Chief Shane Woody says a report of a 21-year-old man who posed a threat to one or more of the students triggered a large police response" today.

Around 3:30 the Belvidere School District 100 began dismissing the students from school after receiving the "all clear" from the police.


Reports have come in that all schools in Belvidere have been placed on lockdown.

WTVO shares that Belvidere police are on the scene now and the school was placed on a soft lock down as of 2 p.m. this afternoon.

"School officials say Belvidere High School, Belvidere South Middle School, and Meehan Elementary School were all placed on lockdown due to a report of a safety threat in the area."

As the police investigate all the children are being kept in the school until they receive word that it's safe to leave the grounds.

This all the information we have at this moment.

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