Rockford's City Council just approved the capital improvement plan for 2021-2025. Many 815 roads in terrible condition are getting a makeover.

On Monday (11/30), City Council approved the plan that will repair or replace, badly damaged roads around the city, including structural issues with bridges.

There's quite a bit of good news here, for all drivers, but especially those who drive big trucks. More specifically, drivers of big trucks who forget just how big the truck is that they're driving.

In 1852, Chicago & North Western Railway built a train bridge over 20th Street in southeast Rockford. The clearance height of the bridge is clearly posted on signs on either side, yet far too many have underestimated the height of the vehicle they were driving.

Tim Hinkens, City of Rockford Engineer said,

“If you ever see a picture of a truck stuck underneath a bridge it’s there.”

This just happened in front of me on 20th St. I wondered as a followed him down the street if he was too tall for the bridge? I guess so 😬

Posted by Beverly Baker Peterson on Friday, June 5, 2020

The 5-year capital improvement plan also includes work to make Rockford a more bike-friendly community. has a short history lesson on the 168-year-old bridge worth checking out.


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