I love when Applebee's does these cheap monthly drinks. Nobody has the money to be spending $10 on a margarita. Well, maybe you do, and if so good for you. But I know most people would love that marg to be just a dollar.

Margaritas are the most fun drink and I think they've even more fun when you can drink as many as you want and not worry about waking up to an empty bank account. The Vice President of beverage and innovation at Applebee's said -

The Dollarita taught America that $1 is an unbeatable price for a cocktail. Where else can you find a good Margarita for only $1, all day, every day.

The beverage is pretty much as basic as it gets when it comes to a margarita, made with tequila and their pre-made signature margarita mix in a 10-ounce mug.

But for a dollar, can you really be that picky? No. Just drink a few and I promise you probably won't care anymore.

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