This is the perfect after-work adult activity, have some drinks and take a walk.


Bar Crawls Are Fun But...

I've been on many bar crawls in my adult life. They are a great time but they can get sloppy. There are only a few short hours to complete your mission. You're rushing to get to all the spots included on the tour before the end. It's like a challenge and if you don't finish you feel like you failed the team. That usually means many drinks in a short amount of time which leads to a big hangover the next day.

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Margaritas Are For Special Occasions

Margaritas are the kind of drink you only enjoy on special occasions. That's because they'll make you think you can sing karaoke, dance, and do many other crazy activities like an expert when really you're only in the amateur league. Remember that hangover I was talking about earlier, well, if you look it up in the dictionary there will be a picture of a Margarita.


Imagine A Margarita Bar Crawl

Close your eyes. I'm warning you, this might hurt a bit. Imagine being on a bar crawl. Now, imagine hopping from bar to bar all night but just drinking Margaritas. Did your head begin to hurt? Feeling a little sick to your stomach? That hangover could last for days.

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The Ultimate Margarita Bar Crawl

The city of Aurora, Illinois has come up with a solution to this problem to create the ultimate Margarita crawl.


According to, 

Aurora Downtown invites you to enjoy these self-guided crawls at your convenience.


Come enjoy a self-guided Margarita Crawl in downtown Aurora.


Come have fun downtown whenever you want.

This is the perfect Margarita crawl scenario. There is no rushing through it. Take your time and do it at your own place. I believe it's way more enjoyable that way. Plus, it will keep the evil hangover away. For more info, HERE.

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