In a strange football season, it would only make sense that one of the NFL's weirdest teams would end up on Nickelodeon in the playoffs.

While the Chicago Bears aren't exactly Spongebob Squarepants levels of entertainment, (probably closer to Squidward) they will play the New Orleans Saints this Sunday, January 10, at 3:40 on Nickelodeon.

You read that right, Nickelodeon. Not sure if the NFL is concerned about garnering younger viewers, but as an adult, I'm excited. Why? Watching the Bears this NFL season has been one of the more boring things I've witnessed in my entire life.

The Bears' offense is frustrating and bad, and the defense doesn't do much that'll make you cheer. If Bears games were broadcast on Nickelodeon all season, it would have been a much more entertaining watch, so I'm ready and willing to watch them on TV for the first time all year this coming Sunday.

Here's what we can expect according to

End zones will be filled with superimposed slime during next month’s NFL Wild Card game telecast on Nickelodeon. Additionally, when a player mugs for the camera following a big play, cartoonish googly eyes -- or some other Snapchat-type of filter -- will be superimposed onto him during replays.

Truthfully, I'm not sure how many people are going to care for the Bears-Saints on Nickelodeon, after all, it is the Bears.

Perhaps if they really wanted  to lure in the younger generation, they could try the SpongeBob “Sweet Victory” performance at halftime.

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