Nicholas Conservatory certainly isn't a hidden gem of Rockford. It's prominently displayed along the banks of the Rock River. We even light it up sometimes.

It is though, one of the things that many people from the area have never visited. An item on many people's Rockford Shame List. It was on mine until I made the trip inside a while back to see the smelly corpse flower.

Totally worth it.

I've been back for a few more exhibits or just to go somewhere quiet for a bit. A remarkably serene place in the middle of the day. Just avoid the kid groups.

If you haven't been before, this is the perfect time to break that streak.

The Secret Life Of Butterflies exhibit is back at Nicholas Conservatory from now until May 29.

From their website:

Join us to explore the wild, wonderful, and often strange world of butterflies and moths@ See the whole lepidoptera lifecycle in action as caterpillars munch on leaves, butterflies emerge from their chrysalis, and moths from their cocoons. Get an up-close look at these amazing insects in the butterfly house as you're surrounded by native and exotic butterflies!

Admission is regular Nicholas Conservatory ticket price and they STRONGLY encourage you to reserve your tickets in advance because space is very limited.

I would imagine that kids would be very interested in being surrounded by butterflies while they feed on their "butterfly popsicle." I know I would.

An especially good adventure if you have one of those "bug" kids. The one's that's always bringing weird stuff home? They'll LOVE it.

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