During the Winter months it seems like we get a small break from the bugs. Except for one ... bed bugs. Bed bugs are horrible bugs year round. And apparently bed bug numbers are on the rise in the Stateline. WTVO details -

Bed bugs, a pest that doesn't target one lifestyle, socioeconomic status, or type of building, is plaguing the Stateline, but it's not just here, where numbers are on the rise. It's not just the Rockford area, it's actually anywhere people congregate.

So what are the signs of bed bugs. According to WTVO -

Some signs bed bugs are in a home include waking up with bites, seeing dried blood droplets, or even dead bugs in sheets.  A bed has a lot of places for them to hide. Look in the seams of the mattress itself, or any seams of the bed frame, that sort of thing, and look for the dried blood spotting.

So you've checked your bed and don't see anything, you're fine right? Wrong. WTVO says -

an infestation doesn't just start with bed bugs popping up on your bed.  They will usually hitch a ride until they find a destination with a constant food source, or people to bite.

Here's what to do if you have bedbugs. You need to be especially quick to act on it if you live in an apartment because of how close people live to one another. It's important to understand that bed bugs do not equal filth. There's nothing to be embarrassed about, it can happen anywhere.

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