5 Things You Need to Know Friday - Real snipers on 'American Sniper', Belichick + Brady and their balls, new scam targeting parents and new in theaters.

Patriots Coach Belichick & Tom Brady have no clue and no credibility. Yet the Packer fan in me still wants them to beat Seattle. (USA Today)

A new scam targets parents by saying a child predator has moved into their neighborhood. (My Stateline)

Women with big butts produce smarter children. I'm putting money on North West to win a Nobel Prize (AskMen.com)

'American Sniper' as viewed by real American snipers. (USA Today)

New in Theaters This Weekend

"The Boy Next Door" (R)

Jennifer Lopez stars in this psychological thriller as a woman whose fling with the guy next door turns dangerous after he starts obsessing over her and shows up as a student in her class. He's played by Ryan Guzman from the "Step Up" dance movies.

"Cake" (R)

Jennifer Aniston stars in this movie about a woman struggling with her addiction to painkillers and her hallucinated conversations with a woman who committed suicide. Felicity Huffman leads a pain support group they both attended, Anna Kendrick is the girl who killed herself, and Sam Worthington is her widowed husband. William H. Macy and Meryl Streep's daughter Mamie Gummer are also in it.

"Mortdecai" (R)

Johnny Depp stars in this comedy as a quirky art expert who's asked by the British government to help investigate the theft of a priceless painting . . . even though he's one of their suspects. Ewan McGregor is the agent investigating him, Olivia Munn is an heiress who tries to seduce him, Paul Bettany is his faithful manservant, and Gwyneth Paltrow is Mortdecai's wife.

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