I was at a party last weekend and there was something unusual going on; boys were huddled in a circle and their roars of excitement could be heard all the way from the bathroom down the hallway. I couldn't see what it was they were cheering about but it turns out, it was them gathered around a water bottle. Yes, a water bottle.  Boys were taking turns doing what's known as "bottle flipping."

According to Parents.com, the craze started when a high school student performed the trick for a high school talent show.

I've seen this video before but I couldn't figure out why this was cause for such commotion.

A lot of parents can't figure it out either. Just ask my friend Kim, who says she has at least 10 half empty water bottles laying around her house that her son lives to flip all day long. It's driving her crazy.

That's when I thought, "ok, I have to try this and see what all the hype is about." Here's how it went.

Well that was fun.

Here's some other fun things I've tried; have you?

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