If someone asked you if you were sleep deprived, you probably wouldn't even need a second to think about it; without hesitation you'd exclaim, "heck yeah I am." The bags under our eyes, constant crankiness and the inability to get the easiest of tasks completed some days should say it all. But just how sleep deprived are you?

According to Marie Claire, there is a way to find out and all you need is a spoon and a metal tray to find out. A researcher from the University of Chicago says,

‘You need to lie down in a quiet, darkened room in the early afternoon clutching a spoon, which you hold over the edge of the bed. You put a metal tray on the floor by your bed, then close your eyes,’ once you do nod off, the spoon will drop from your ‘senseless fingers’ and onto the metal tray below with a nice loud clang. The noise should then wake you up, unless you happen to be a very heavy sleeper.

If you drop the spoon in under 5 minutes, you're very sleep deprived, if it's around 10 you're getting a fairly good night's rest and if it takes longer than 15 minutes then you're solid. I tried it myself to see where I stand...or should I say, lay down.


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