When it comes to Starbucks drinks, I like to keep my order simple. You always see these lists about the things your barista won't tell you or read horror stories about their worst customers...ever...and I just always strive to be better than those people.

So, yesterday, when I went to order the latest "secret menu" drink from Starbucks, I wanted to a. make sure it wasn't that busy, I knew this would be one of those pain in the neck orders that would take some time and b. I immediately apologized in advance, leaned over the counter ever so slightly and whispered to the barista, "hey, I'm so sorry, I don't wanna be that guy but can you make this order for me...it's called baby vomit."

My request was met with hesitation, I expected that, and it was followed up with, "what the heck is baby vomit?"  Not even the barista knew because it's one of those orders that came from some customer who just wanted pretty much every flavor in their iced latte that the coffee chain had to offer.

According to Refinery 29, you can get a baby vomit yourself by asking for a venti iced latte with the following additions:

1 pump sugar free Vanilla
1 pump sugar free Cinnamon Dolce
1 pump Pumpkin Spice
2 pumps sugar free Hazelnut
1 pump sugar free Mocha
1 pump sugar free Caramel Syrup
Coconut Milk
6 scoops Matcha powder
Mocha Drizzle
Light Vanilla powder
Light Caramel drizzle
Light Cinnamon powder
Light Nutmeg powder
Add salt topping
Add whip
Light ice
Pumpkin topping

So, I did that at the Starbucks on 173 in Machesney Park yesterday and here's how it turned out.

Update: Yes it was tasty, but instead of baby vomit, it really should be called "Gut Rot." That's exactly what I had shortly after ingesting about 1/8 of the beverage.

Special thanks to the baristas at the Machesney Park Starbucks for being so patient and such good sports about it. Now if they could just start serving the Espresso Cloud IPA.

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