It's snowing and we're talking about the Rockford AirFest.

That's all you need to know about the popularity of the event.

Sadly, it's not coming back, again. This time it appears for a while. According to a WTVO news release, Rockford AirFest is:

Suspending the airshow in future years due to recent expansions taking place at the airport."

Rockford AirFest was one of my favorite things and I always looked forward to it. Whether it be in early or late in the summer, it never seemed to matter. Better yet, it seemed like the weather always turned out brilliantly.

According to Mystateline, "The 2017 AirFest had already been scheduled for June 3rd and 4th.  However, airport officials say the completion of the new AAR facility and the ABX Air cargo expansion this past year have made closing down the airport to host AirFest impractical."

It's a shame, really. So many great moments had at Rockford AirFest. As a member of the media, I had a chance to take a ride in a jet and took that thing 4Gs. I had a chance to fly with the Aerostars too. I caught the bug so much so, I even took a flying lesson.

Those things happened before the show even began. So when it finally started I was always in too. I'd take my kids to the show, father-in-law and of course, my wife. It was a Rockford thing, and it was awesome. Now on a snowy December day, it's over.


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