The Rockford Airfest was this past weekend and I had a chance to take a flight with a pretty talented team of pilots who called the Aerostars.

Who are the Aerostars? According to their website,

"The Aerostars are a precision aerobatic demo team whose aerial ballet captivates air show audiences large and small. They fascinate the crowd with a combination of graceful aerobatics flown in tight formation, spectacular breakaways followed by breath-taking opposing passes and awe-inspiring inverted maneuvers."

In case you wondered, I didn't lose my lunch (or breakfast) during my flight. Matter of fact, I have taken a few different rides in stunt planes during my time at 97ZOK, so getting sick was not an option. I've even had the chance to take a flight lesson. I guess you can say, I love the rush of flying.

I got to do a few barrel rolls, loops and even managed to feel a bit of G during my flight. The whole thing was pretty awesome.

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