After a fire shut down this popular Byron bar many wondered if it would ever be seen again.

Six months later, it appears The Cave is indeed primed for a comeback and a quick one at that.

While there is a wooden fence currently around the area surrounding what used to be the original Cave, there's a sign draped on their former neighbor.

It used to be a local Nationwide Insurance office, that was also damaged during the fire, but it now looks it might be the future home of The Cave.

A few questions though, will this new Cave be inside the old insurance office, or will the owners rebuild on the old site to make a SUPER CAVE in Byron?

Byron's Burnt Down 'The Cave' Primed To Reopen Later This Year
Sweet Lenny Photo

No one really knows but it looks like we'll see The Cave resurrected by the end of this year.

Good thing, The Cave Burger has been missing from my life for quite some time now, six months specifically.

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