As you sit down for your first cup of coffee of the day, I want you to take a moment to take it all in- from the fresh aroma that you might have already been smelling from underneath your blankets, the feel of the warmth on your palms and fingers as you grasp the mug firmly in your hands to taking that first, strong sip with just a touch of sweet cream.

Do you ever wonder why that coffee tastes so good; or do you ever think about where it came from?

Most of us know that coffee comes from a plant, that plant produces beans; then those beans get exported all over the world. That's the short version; unless it's Kopi Luwak. Otherwise known as "cat poop coffee."

According to DNA Info, "cat poop coffee" is one of the most expensive coffees in the world and it's coming to Chicago.The reason it's so valuable is because the coffee is made from coffee cherries that have been partially digested by mongoose-like animals called civets.  The civets eat the fruit but they pass the bean inside.  Once digested, their dung is collected, washed and dried before roasting.

If you're interested in trying it, it will run you $12.50 per 6 ounce cup at Nibbles and Nosh, which is opening in Rogers Park next week.

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