Just when you thought the idea of moving Halloween to a day other than October 31 would be the nuttiest Halloween story of the year, this one comes along.

Apparently, there's a school district in the Chicago suburbs that won't be celebrating Halloween this year.

An Evanston school canceled its Halloween event since not all students celebrate the holiday. Some parents are not happy.

The reason for the cancellation of Halloween? Chicago Tribune says it "was to honor the school's (Lincoln Elementary School in Evanston) value of equality and to be inclusive of all students within the community, particularly those who do not celebrate the holiday."

Banning Halloween to show inclusion among students who don't celebrate, excludes those who do and that line of thinking just doesn't make sense for many affected by the school's stance on Halloween.

Regardless, Halloween won't happen at Lincoln Elementary in Evanston this year, but when something like this happens it makes you wonder if or when it reaches the Rockford area.

Would you be in favor of Rockford schools banning Halloween, or is that just a crazy idea? Let us know!

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