Wanna spend the day on a tropical island without the hours long flight? Your dream might become a reality with Breakwater Chicago.

I always feel like I want to go on vacation.

Like wouldn't it be nice to just sit around in the sun with a swim up bar or a server bringing you drinks? Or go to a daytime dance pool party?

But then I remember in order to make that happen, I have to take time off of work, find a hotel, pay for the hotel, spend hours in the airport... and I just forget it.

But, if Breakwater Chicago becomes a real thing, I can pretty much go on a tropical vacation just by driving to downtown Chicago. .

Breakwater Chicago will basically be a floating island yacht in the middle of Lake Michigan, the size of a football field, with the atmosphere of Las Vegas.

According to Urban Matter, the team behind Breakwater have been working on this project for over four years and it could really happen sometime in the near future.

Not only would it be a pretty awesome tourist spot, it is also going to be part of an eco-friendly movement in the city.

I would like to be first in line, please!

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