If you love to eat, this is the story today that you need to spend 5 minutes checking out. If a great meal beats a scenic hike, this Illinois city is for you.

Favorite Vacation Spots

Unless it's to visit family in a specific location, every vacation requires the question

what do we want to do on this vacation?

Then you have to pick which spot has the right kind of weather for the fun you want to have. Plus, during what season will you be traveling? If it's close to the changing of seasons, will the locate weather be cooperative? Being near the ocean is great, but not when it's too cold to sit in the sand or get in the water.

Most Talked About Part of Every Vacation

After every trip, my wife and I have taken without the kids, the thing that comes up in conversation most often seems to be each of the unforgettable dining experiences we had while we were there.

If these great meals were such great memories, what about building a vacation around the places where you want to eat?

You need to take a...

Foodie Vacation

There's one publication whose website I visit often that specializes in eating and relaxing, Food & Wine. They recently published a list of the 10 Best Dining Destinations in the U.S. and I'm sure you can guess which Illinois city was on the list.

CHICAGO, One of America's Best Foodie Vacation Destinations

God Bless you Food & Wine, for recognizing the Windy City for all its delicious and creative food.

The Midwest mindset means that restaurants, bars, and cafés are warm and welcoming — more often than not, giving off the feeling that you've just walked into a spot a friend owns.

The dictionary defines "foodie" as a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet. I don't know about the gourmet thing, I love to eat, and since we're friends, let me recommend some places to add to your Chicago Food Vacation list


Must Eat At Spots On a Foodie Vacation in Chicago

There are a few foods from Chicago that no other city can recreate quite the same. Let's start with one of those iconic foods,

Authentic Chicago Hot Dog

Vienna Beef Hot Dogs Get National Distribution Deal
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There is no shortage of spots to grab this Chicago Food Vacation must-have, but I'm a little partial to one, that strays quite a ways from the traditional Chicago dog. You'll find some links below to a few of the best, but feast yoour eyes on the The Bronzeville Bourbon Steak Dog.

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The Hot Dog Box Facebook
The Hot Dog Box Facebook

The Hot Dog Box

Home of the Steak Dog. This father-daughter duo is just killing it in the hot dog game. Hurry to 15 W. Washington, Chicago and throw down.

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That other food Chicago does better than anywhere else,

Deep Dish Pizza

If you talk to the food experts, they'll tell you, there is one pizza joint in Chicago that does deep-dish better than the others. Those crispy pepperoni and that carmalized criust will blow your mind, trust me.

Pequod's Pizza

Pequod's has two locations, 2207 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago and 8520 Fernald Ave, Morton Grove.

Chicagoans will not miss an opportunity to remind you that the city isn't just about deep dish. Taverns across Chicago are serving up super-thin crust pizzas dubbed, "the true Chicago-style pizza", and one of taverns in particular has quite a reputation. Candlelite, at 7452 N Western Ave Rogers Park, is another must stop.


Steaks, Burgers and BBQ

Chicago is a meat-loving city, so you're going to need room in your trip for a couple meat coms. You CANNOT visit Chicago without a burger stop, eating a great steak, and getting messy over a plate of ribs.

Chicago Steak Joints

Some call this the Most Essential Steak in Chicago

Take a long look at the 24-ounce bone-in ribeye aged for 28 days before being salted, peppered, and seared to perfection.

RPM Steak via Facebook
RPM Steak via Facebook

RPM Steakhouse is owned by Bill & Giuliana Rancic and is located at 66 W Kinzie Street in Chicago.

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Chicago Burger Joints

I'm going to recommend two, one that everyone knows about, and another off the beaten path, but unbelieblay big and messy burgers.

Kuma's Corner

This joint is so popular that Guy Fieri paid a visit. Kuma's Corner is on the the Best Diners, Dirve-Ins and Dives list.

Kuma's Corner Facebook, Gety Images,Canva
Kuma's Corner Facebook, Gety Images,Canva

Kuma's has several locations but the original is located at 2900 W Belmont Ave in Chicago.

Kuma's Corner Facebook
Kuma's Corner Facebook

There's one more burger joint you must visit, it's tiny place serving the biggest and messiest burgers, and they're delicious. You'll have to drive a little north of Chicago, but it's so worth the drive.

Bulldogs Grill in Wauconda, Illinois

Bulldogs Grill via Facebook
Bulldogs Grill via Facebook
Bulldogs Grill via Facebook
Bulldogs Grill via Facebook


Chicago BBQ

smoquebbqchicago via Instagram
smoquebbqchicago via Instagram

You won't have to search too hard to find a great place for some bbq. The city is filled with great places to get somes= ribs, or some brisket. Pulled pork sandwiches that will melt in your mouth. There's one joint Chicago loves more than most, and it regularly tops 'best of Chicago' lists.

Smoque BBQ in Illinois, One of America's Best BBQ Joints

You'll find your BBQ Heaven at 3800 N. Pulaski in Chicago.

Here's the full list of Best Dining Destinations in the U.S. from Food & Wine

  1. New York
  2. New Orleans
  3. San Francisco
  4. Los Angeles
  5. Portland, Oregon
  6. Chicago
  7. Charleston, South Carolina
  8. Miami
  9. San Diego
  10. Austin

You Cannot Visit Illinois Without Trying These 5 Iconic Foods

Welcome to Illinois. While you're here, we're going to make sure you eat well. Not just delicious food, but the most important foods our state offers.

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