It's almost February 14th and love is in the air. Love or ... spiteful feelings towards an ex. So why not achieve the ultimate form vengeance on Valentine's Day? Brookfield Zoo in Chicago wants you to do just that.

This year you can officially name a cockroach after your ex. Amazing or amazing? Amazing. The Zoo's website details -

Brookfield Zoo now offers you the chance to name a cockroach in honor of that un-special someone in your life. That's right, you can name a Madagascar hissing cockroach found inside Hamill Family Play Zoo after your ex (or anyone who may have wronged you) for Valentine's Day with a $15 donation.

An awesome sense of satisfaction all for a good cause. So what exactly happens after you name it?

Your "Name a Cockroach After Your Ex" package includes:

· A Certificate of Naming that you can fill out and share with your ex or hang on your wall as a reminder that a cockroach now bears their name.
· A placement on the Cockroach Naming Board inside Hamill Family Play Zoo by the Madagascar hissing cockroaches (first names only). The board will be unveiled on February 14, of course! (Zoo admission is free on weekends during February if you'd like to come see).

You can also name it after someone you love, but that's a little less fun I think. So don't be bitter this year, get the ultimate sense of moving on with this gesture.

You can name one here.

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