A year or so of bad publicity has seemed to harmed the once ultra-popular Mexican restaurant.

A Harris Poll released last week shows Moe's Southwest Grill is now the most popular Mexican Restaurant in the US.

According to the Harris Poll, Moe's Southwest Grill "was the only restaurant featured on EquiTrend's 'Rapid Risers' list, featuring brands with the largest increases in equity over the past three years.

While it's no surprise to see Moe's capitalize on their success, it's just as surprising to see how far Chipotle has fallen off the list.

Chipotle was the #1 Mexican Restaurant brand in the US in 2015. This year, the restaurant is now ranked behind Moe's Southwest Grill, Taco Bell, Qdoba Mexican Grill and Baja Fresh Mexican Grill.

In case you were wondering, the nearest Moe's Southwest Grill is roughly and hour away in Hoffman Estates. Would you like to see a Moe's Southwest Grill come to Rockford?

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