You won't have to make plans this holiday season to load up the family vehicle and drive all over creation to find some magic.

Because apparently, we've got plenty of that stuff to go around right here in Illinois.

Not like I'm surprised but I was definitely excited to see this city in the Land of Lincoln listed among others as being the Most Magical Christmas Markets in the U.S.

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In case you're still trying to figure it out, I'm talking about Chicago and the Christkindlmarket.

Far and Wide:

Not one to let New York outshine it, Chicago offers its own Christmas market inspired by the famous one in Nuremberg, Germany. The Christkindlesmarkt is organized by the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, so it'll transport you straight to Europe. Besides buying cute gifts, enjoy the food stands that serve German fare like mulled wine and sausages.

I went to the one last year outside of Wrigley Field. I believe the "main' Christkindlmarket to be located at Daley Plaza, 50 West Washington Street, solely due to the amount of photography I see online.

Christkindlmarket Chicago via Facebook
Christkindlmarket Chicago via Facebook

No matter what location I trust you'll get a similar if not the same experience. There is also a Christkindlmarket in Aurora in case you don't want to travel all the way to Chicago.

The Christkindlmarket is open now in all three spots. Chicago and Aurora close for the season on December 24 while Wrigleyville stays open until December 31.

Check out the Christkindlmarket online for more information.

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