If you like driving in circles or spend most of your free time wishing Rockford had a few more roundabouts, you are in luck.

If you didn't know, an interesting traffic circle popped up at the corner of Chelsea and Brendenwood late last week.

Drivers were a bit confused, and just a little concerned. Confused because most drivers haven't seen something like this before in town. The concern came from others thinking a new roundabout was coming to that area.

If you've lived in Rockford for two seconds you know how much residents "love" roundabouts in town.

Well, the City of Rockford finally broke their silence regarding the traffic circle situation.

On their Facebook page, City of Rockford Government says:

Throughout the next several months, other traffic calming measures, including median islands and intersection bump-outs with be used along Chelsea Avenue. The City will evaluate the effectiveness of this technique based on reduction of traffic speed and public input. The results will be used to determine if permanent traffic calming measure should be installed at this location. This trial will also be used to develop a potential City-Wide Traffic Calming Policy.

This move doesn't look like a one-off maneuver type deal by the city. If it works, we could see more and more traffic circles placed throughout Rockford.

Which intersections do you believe could use a traffic circle, a median island, or anything to help with traffic and/or safety? Let us know!

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