Cream puffs, cheese curds, cold beer and a couple having sex in the bleachers inside the State Fair coliseum. Which one of these does not belong?

The video made headlines across the country. It's been over three months since Robert Beasley, 29 and Desiree Anderson, 28 outraged fairgoers with this public display. I mean what's wrong with two people showing their love for one another. Naked. In the bleachers. At a fair. With children present. Disgusting.

The video of their escapade has been pretty much removed for every corner of the internet, but here's some of what you may have missed. My favorite part of this video is the computer generated voice that's doing the voiceover.

Beasley is being charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, but Desiree Anderson is facing more serious charges after more of her unrelated criminal activity has been uncovered. She was charged with obstructing an officer, according to State Fair Police, for her escapade in the bleachers but her more serious charges come from a separate incident. Turns out Desiree also stole a bottle of booze from a gas station in Ozaukee County in September. As part of her bail agreement she can't go into any businesses in the county. Now, after failing to show for her October court date, a warrant has been issued for her arrest, according to

Criminal charges related to sex and booze. Hmm. Well, at least they had some fun before getting locked away for awhile. Sounds like these two need a little Jesus in their lives.

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