Nearly a month away from Costco opening doors in Loves Park, it's time to get yourself all ready for your first Costco trip!

Have you gotten your infamous Costco card yet? They've had pop up registration tents all over the Stateline as well as hiring events.

So don't be that person who gets there the first day and doesn't have their card. Of course they'll be able to look you up, but let's just make it even easier.

Ditch the card! Just like everything else in life, there's an app for that. Today details -

The warehouse store has just launched a digital membership card so customers will no longer need to present their physical Costco cards at the door and in the checkout line.

Convenience at it's finest right there.

Today explains - 

The new "card," which still needs to be downloaded to a smartphone through the Costco app, makes shopping easier for digital savvy millennials — and the many folks who may have forgotten to bring their Costco ID along with them on a trip to store.

For instructions on how to download a digital card you can check out their website.

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