Two new Rockford businesses are set to open very soon in the Stateline - Culture Crunch and Kung Fu Tea!

I have been waiting for these two shops to open so I can get my hands on delicious bubble tea and try some unique snacks from around the world.

Culture Crunch is opening over by Valli Produce and Party City on Rockford's east side at 5846 E. State Street and Kung Fu Tea is opening at 6915 E. State Street next to Primetime Audio Video.

Culture Crunch/Kung Fu Tea
Culture Crunch/Kung Fu Tea

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Culture Crunch will be selling exotic snack and sodas from around the world; a specialty grocery store while Kung Fu Tea will have a huge menu of teas, lemonades, coffees, slushes, yogurts, and tons of flavors to choose from.

Two New Rockford Businesses Announce Grand Opening Dates For 2024

Culture Crunch announced on Facebook that they're set to open on Sunday, March 31st, but that's subject to change if select inventory doesn't arrive on time.

As for Kung Fu Tea, they didn't specify a set date, but according to other news outlets they're supposedly opening before April 2024.

I'm stoked for Kung Fu Tea because I haven't found a Boba tea shop in the area that really "wows" my taste buds.  It'll be interesting to see how their bubble tea compares to other shops in the area!

Their menu looks FIREEEEE, too!  Especially that Chai Milk Tea at the bottom right.

Kung Fu Tea
Kung Fu Tea

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Which shop are you hitting up first - Culture Crunch or Kung Fu Tea?  I might wait for both businesses to open and do a TikTok haul together!

Also... word around town is Boot Barn could be opening where the former Joann Fabrics was located by Old Chicago in Rockford.  Is that true?  Read all about that story here.

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