Just a few days ago, Bath + Body Fusion announced they are closing their downtown Rockford location on Saturday, April 15th.

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A new announcement was made that they're relocating to Byron!

After an outpour of love, phone calls, messages, and the community offering to help find a new location for the business, the owner sent out an email blast and shared to Facebook the following message:

"We appreciate you ALL so much!!! We feel your love and support so much right now. 

We were given an amazing opportunity that we just can’t pass up to relocate our Rockford store to Byron, IL…
We’re going back home (somewhat) to where I grew up in Winnebago and where I started BBF out of my grandma’s kitchen. My store will be very near to my home town. I absolutely love small towns!!! 
Bath + Body Fusion hasn't announced where their new storefront will be exactly in Byron, but they shared the moving process has already begun!

Though Rockford may be losing another business, we're so excited to see a light at the end of the tunnel for Bath + Body Fusion!  Can't wait to see another local business thrive in downtown Rockford soon.

Bath + Body Fusion will be open in downtown Rockford through this Saturday, April 15th.  Stop by for a last visit before they're gone for good!

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