Going to the gym is already difficult enough with my gym anxiety, but it's even worse when someone is staring you down while you workout.

Nope, this is NOT a "Missed Connection".  I wish it was, though.  Wouldn't that be cute?

I just started going to a gym in the Rockford area because I needed to find something to fill a lot of my down time.  Instead of shopping, lying around at home, or constantly letting my mind wander, I decided working out might be a great option.  Since I've been going, it has given me time to focus on nothing but my workout and cut out the world for thirty, forty-five, even sixty minutes.

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Having gym anxiety sucks, though.

What is "Gym Anxiety"?

"Gym anxiety, sometimes referred to as 'gymtimidation,' often stems from a fear of the unknown, the fear of being observed, or feeling unsure about what to do at the gym." [verywellmind]

It's difficult some days to not think about how others perceive you at the gym; the way you run, if you're using weights the wrong way, or just how you're dressed.

My gym anxiety has gotten worse since I've been running into a teenytiny problem: a certain guy constantly staring at me while I'm on the treadmill.


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He's not even discreet about it, either.  He will get on the treadmill next to me (or two down) and act like he's listening to music or texting, but he leans on his treadmill in my direction and just stares.  He won't even turn on the machine!  It makes it super hard to focus on my workout knowing someone is just watching.

So, to the guy at the newest Planet Fitness location on E. State Street in Rockford, please know it makes me very uncomfortable when you stare.

I'm totally cool with you using a machine next to me, but if you want to engage in conversation I'd suggest just saying hi - I'm a very kind person and always down to chat!

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