I'm sure you've heard the sayings regarding beauty like it's only "skin deep" and in the "eye of the beholder," right?

Based on all the negative I hear about this place it's hard to see anyone say otherwise.

Long considered one of the ugliest in the city, state, country, and probably the world, this building has had its detractors over the years.

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It seems like the hate train isn't stopping either as Best Life just published their 10 Ugliest Buildings in America list and called out this famous Illinois "landmark."

Chicago is arguably considered one of the top destinations for world-class architecture anywhere in the U.S. But among its many marvels, the James R. Thompson Center sticks out to locals as an unsightly mess. Local politicians even considered demolishing the former civic building before Google purchased it in July 2022 with plans to use it as its second headquarters in the city, Curbed reported.

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The state had owned the building until its sale last year and it appears there might actually be some hope in making things a bit prettier thanks to the upcoming Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB).

Axios via MSN:

CAB is making closed spaces more accessible and interesting, including those at the Thompson Center, closed to the public since July 2022.

As part of the Biennial, the public will be invited inside to experience "HygroShell," a curved sculpture made of malleable timber, at the center's LaSalle entrance.

Artists are also transforming an abandoned Sprint store there into an art gallery. Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama is using natural materials to drape artwork around the steel, austere structure of the building.

In case you're wondering and want to see the upgraded Thompson Center decked out artfully, and open to the public you can go now through February of 2024.

The Thompson Center is located at 100 West Randolph Street in Chicago.

So it looks like the ridiculed and hated Thompson Center is getting turned into a home for art further proving that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

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