Nothing to see here, just a guy hitchhiking across the US with a fridge in order to prove a point.

Australian actor, Rob Cope was in the area on Friday toting a fridge with him. Why though? Well, Cope's wife kicked him out of the house, so he stole the fridge.

While I'm skeptical if that's really his fridge, Cope's hitchhike across the US in the real deal.

He was seen carrying and hitchhiking the fridge through Rockford then to Oregon and in Dixon on Friday afternoon.

The great thing about Cope's journey is his willingness to share updates in video form nearly every stop along the way.

Don't get me wrong, this is in order to promote his book If Your Wife Kicks You Out, Grab The Fridge and Run!. Regardless, trekking across the US with a fridge sounds like something that's a real test of stamina.

Did you see Cope and his fridge? Did you sign it? Let us know!

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