Heartbreaking. Losing a pet is devastating; no matter how or when they passed, or where they came from. But you never expect your puppy to die within a week of bringing them home from the pet store.

According to Today's TMJ4, four puppies from Furry Babies in the Janesville Mall "died horrible deaths less than ten days after coming home."  They did some investigating and found that the store, which is already facing a lawsuit here in Cherry Valley, doesn't have to release breeder info until you buy and when asked about any problems with the puppies, they were told that the dogs were "pretty tip top."

Unfortunately, for four families, after trying as hard as the could to save their new furry friend, they had to learn the hard way that their new pet was not tip top. However, they did tell TMJ4 that Furry Babies did pay for the vet bills and they didn't have to pay for the puppies that died.

TMJ4 reached out to owner of Furry Babies but they never heard back.


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