Ed Sheeran has reportedly purchased a number of his neighbors' homes after receiving complaints amid building and construction work.

Sheeran allegedly bought the flat above his Notting Hill bar and restaurant as well as the two houses next to his London home. The new acquisitions reportedly cost the singer £4 million, while his current London home is worth £19.8 million.

“Ed’s had neighbors grumbling about noise before so when he got a chance to buy up the two houses next to his London home, he jumped at the chance," a source told The Sun.

Sheeran also owns a wildlife pond on his Suffolk estate that neighbors fear he is using as a personal swimming pool. Bales of hay have now been put in place to shield eyes from the body of water. In June, Sheeran appealed to the Suffolk Coastal District Council to use the pond for recreational activities, to no avail.

"It all seems very strange but in actual fact, it appears to have been very carefully thought through," a local told the Daily Mail. "The bales have been placed precisely in the right places and at the right angle to shield his pool."

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