This place looks insane in the best way possible.

We all love miniature golf, right? There's a new spot in Chicago that has taken the idea of putt-putt but put an entirely new spin on the game.

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First of all, this is a family-friendly atmosphere, although there are adult beverages awaiting your arrival, as long as you're of legal drinking age.

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And, we all know a golf-cheater, this won't bode well for said cheater because Puttshack's balls won't let you cheat. (That sounded weird didn't it?)

Our special balls (hey now!) automatically track your gameplay, where there’s no hiding how good or bad you are.

If those drinks kick in a little hard and you forget whose turn it is - never fear. The ball knows all.

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The scoring is not your grandparents' scoring system either. A hole-in-one will earn you 50 points, more than 10 tries will get you a measly 15 points.

Hole In One: +50 Points | 2 Shots: +40 Points
3 Shots: +35 Points | 4 Shots: +30 Points
5 Shots: +25 Points | 6 Shots: +20 Points
7 Shots: +18 Points | 8 Shots: +16 Points
9 Shots: +15 Points | +10 Shots: +15 Points

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There are some wild courses waiting for you but don't worry because each hole has a screen with instructions on how to play the hole. The Super Tube is your best bet if you're playing to win.

Here’s a pro tip for you: Look out for those green, lit-up holes while playing. Those are Supertubes and each one is worth 10+ points and can help anybody achieve underdog goals.

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There are prizes on the line too.

Hit your first shot up the ramp to stop the prize selection wheel to see what you can win, like a free game, bonus points or a food & drink offer. Knock your next shot in and win instantly!

Puttshack via Facebook

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