Lent began Wednesday, March 6 and ends on Easter. I personally do not participate in giving anything up for Lent, however I do love seeing what my friends choose to give up every year. Last year, social networking was the number one response among people asked what they were giving up for Lent.

So what's everyone giving up this year?

Well, not only can you check what everyone is giving up, you can check in real time how many people are giving up each item. So what's the top 10? According to OpenBible -

Credit OpenBible
Credit OpenBible

The list is based off of Twitter. To check out the rest of the list all the way up to 100 you can head here.

  1. Food
  2. Technology
  3. Habits
  4. Smoking/drugs/alcohol
  5. Irony

The biggest increase from last year to this year is plastics. From straws to grocery bags people are making a big effort to ditch the plastic. For the entire list you can head here.

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